Erasing fear memories

Erasing fear memories

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May 20, 2013

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Erasing fear memories

Fearful memories can be wiped out for at least a year using a drug-free technique, according to a study done in USA. The technique exploits the way that human brains store and recall memories. When a long-term memory is recalled, it goes through a brief period of vulnerability, after which it must be stored anew to be remembered again. While the memory is in its fragile state, it can be modified or disrupted. Studies in animals have used drugs to interfere with this reconsolidation process, stirring hope for therapies to blunt the haunting memories associated with conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder. These experiments have helped to understand reconsolidation, although a study done earlier this year in humans used a drug that can treat high blood pressure, called propranol...



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  •   Changing Fear Memories | Penn State Harrisburg

    Her findings about erasing fear memories were published in the journal Nature, and she is the recipient of the NYAS Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists.

  •   Erasing Fears By Thinking About Them : NPR

    Dec 11, 2009 · Fearful memories can be updated — and the fear erased — without drugs, a new study in the journal Nature suggests. Study author Elizabeth Phelps, a ...

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    For sufferers of PTSD, bad memories can severely interrupt day-to-day life; episodic memories of specific places, people, or events can trigger insurmountable fear.

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    Want to Erase Fear Memories? Put Down the Booze, Pick Up the Pot. By: Virginia Hughes | September 10, 2012.

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    No Fear: Memory Adjustment Pills Get Pentagon Push. The Pentagon hasn’t come close to solving the PTSD crisis plaguing the current generation of troops.

  •   Scientists Discover How To Manipulate Memories and Erase Fear

    ... they believe that they now have the ability to erase feelings of fear or anxiety ... Discover How To Manipulate Memories ... like erasing files in a ...

  •   Erasing Fear Memories with Extinction Training | Daniela ...

    Erasing Fear Memories with Extinction Training. Authors. Daniela Schiller + 1. Daniela Schiller. R. Richardson. Daniela Schiller hasn't uploaded this paper.

  •   Dissociating response systems: Erasing fear from memory

    We hypothesized that disrupting reconsolidation by noradrenergic blockade would result in the persistent weakening of the startle fear response, while leaving the ...

  •   Bad Memories Erased With Behavior Therapy

    Bad Memories Erased with Behavior Therapy. ... but the fear can come back when the person is under stress. ... Erasing Memories;

  •   Scientists Confirm Cellular Basis for Memory by Implanting ...

    Scientists Confirm Cellular Basis for Memory by Implanting and Erasing Fear in ... happened — and then to erase those memories again. Credit: Sadegh Nabavi and ...

  •   Blocking a single molecule defeats chronic fear

    These types of fear memories, like those associated with PTSD, are notoriously difficult to erase in adulthood. Even after shocks are discontinued for months, the sound of a tone triggers extreme anxiety-like behavior in conditioned mice. Fear extinction ...

    Medical Xpress   •   4 years ago

  •   Researchers erase fear memories in people through behavior alone

    Scientists are one step closer to understanding how to erase painful fear memories by successfully erasing them in a small group of people, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science. The intervention requires no drug, acting through ...

    Jon Bardin   •   Los Angeles Times   •   7 years ago

  •   Drug Tweaks Epigenome to Erase Fear Memories

    But in mice (and, importantly, in some people with severe PTSD), this extinction therapy only works for recently acquired fear memories. If a fear memory is old, then no amount of retraining will erase the animal’s fear. “One of the major challenges in ...   •   6 years ago

  •   Researchers discover how to erase memory

    ( -- Researchers working with mice have discovered that by removing a protein from the region of the brain responsible for recalling fear ... memory erasure. “This may sound like science fiction, the ability to selectively erase memories ...   •   9 years ago

  •   Rewriting memories to erase fear

    NYU (US)—Researchers have developed a non-invasive technique to block the return of fear memories in humans. The technique could lead to new ways to treat anxiety disorders. Fear memories are expressed as the body’s emotional reaction to objects …

    Futurity   •   10 years ago

  •   Researchers erase, then restore memories in rats

    At the same time as stimulating the nerve, the researchers administered an electric shock to the rat's foot -- leading the rat to associate the nerve stimulation with pain, and react with fear. Then, the team set about erasing the memory of that fear.

    CNet   •   4 years ago!

  •   Erasing Fear with Propranolol

    Emotional memories last ... common medication propranolol — a member of the beta-blocker class normally used to treat hypertension — can erase the fearful element of an emotional memory. Recently, researchers discovered that fear memories in rats ...

    Brain Blogger   •   11 years ago

  •   The fear factor: Researchers discovery technique to erase newly formed memories

    Erasing memories has long been a staple of sci-fi films, but researchers now believe they have made a breakthrough in making the process reality. The groundbreaking research at Uppsala University in Sweden could lead to radical new treatments for …

    Daily Mail   •   7 years ago

  •   Method to erase traumatic memories may be on the horizon

    But scientists have laid a foundation with their discovery that proteins can be removed from the brain's fear center to erase memories forever ... says permanently erasing memories in humans, if it can be done, wouldn't be a lot different ethically ...

    Meredith Cohn   •   Baltimore Sun   •   9 years ago

  •   How to Erase Fear--in Humans

    “Memory”, wrote ... Ledoux’s memory-erasing experiment to humans. Psychologists have known for some time that it is difficult to treat fearful memories with therapy. Humans, like rats, can be trained in a laboratory to fear an innocuous stimulus ...

    Scientific American   •   9 years ago

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